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Bringing playful engagement to virtual events.

Financial mavericks and trailblazers unite!

Mambu is a SaaS cloud banking platform, powering change for financial trailblazers around the world.

Their aim is to provide the tools and know-how for anyone looking to create better financial experiences for their customers. They do this through their ‘composable’ approach, which allows banks and financial institutions to connect with service providers and products to build custom solutions rather than retro-fitting off-the-shelf products. 

Mambu’s methodology puts partners at the centre of its proposition, making it all the more important to grow and nurture their partner ecosystem. In February 2021, the marketing team approached ifour with an exciting opportunity: to reimagine event engagement in a newly-remote world.


– Copywriting

– 3D Design

– Animation

– Development

The challenge

Creating positive partner experiences virtually.

Mambu’s annual partner event would be hosted virtually for the first time in February 2021 – and it needed to make an impression.

Despite being delivered remotely, the team were keen to ensure that their event maintained attendees’ attention and left corporate partners with a positive experience of the brand. They wanted to mirror the traditions of in-person event booths, creating a dynamic tool that would offer a playful break away from the main event activities throughout the day.

What we needed was slightly out of the ordinary! We were looking for an interactive element to include as part of a global online partner event.

Helen Martin, Global Partner Marketing Lead

OUR approach

Find the fun at the heart of the brand.

To create an impactful brand experience, we knew that ‘fun’ had to be our MO – and we take fun seriously at ifour. 

This wasn’t the place for a thinly-veiled sales pitch; we wanted to create an experience that attendees would be genuinely excited to take part in and share with their cohort. And since this event was about celebrating partners, we figured we needed to make them feel seen and valued.

The solution

An unexpected, intriguing interactive.

Building an irresistible interactive experience with a personalised twist.

ifour’s solution combined 3D design and digital animation to create an interactive fortune cookie which revealed a personalised glimpse into the visitor’s financial future when cracked open. By tapping into the irresistible unknown, we incentivised visitors to engage by promising a playful insight into their own lives that they could then download and share on social media.

Our partners really liked the fortune cookie tool! It was something totally different to what they had seen before and engagement was high.

Helen Martin, Global Partner Marketing Lead