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Architecting engagement in a virtual environment.

Celebrating 170 years as a global leader in agribusiness

LDC is perhaps best understood as one of the biggest companies you’ve never heard of, playing a vital role in nourishing and clothing the world’s population by producing, processing, and transporting commodities like grains, rice, sugar, and cotton. Founded in 1851, the company has since grown from a one-man operation to a global leader in agribusiness, thanks to its purpose-driven strategies and the dedication of its staff.

In 2021, LDC celebrated its 170th anniversary. This was a landmark occasion that the team were keen to recognise with a campaign that would bring the entire team (spanning six regions) together. ifour was tasked with designing a showstopping campaign that would honour this event and create a buzz throughout the business.  


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The challenge

Designing a shared experience for far-flung teams.

LDC employs around 17,000 people around the world, based in a number of different working environments, from farms and processing plants to regional offices. The campaign needed to represent all areas of the business, engaging with site-workers and office-workers alike to create an inclusive experience that would evoke a sense of pride in the 170-year journey they’ve been part of.

Our Approach

Fusing the past, present and future of LDC.

The nature of an anniversary campaign means that it is often short-lived, a milestone to be recognised and celebrated, but not revisited. The intention of this campaign, however, was not to create an archive of the past but to mark the beginning of an ongoing invitation into the world of LDC. The campaign therefore required a three-part approach: to honour LDC’s history, to celebrate current employees, and to spark conversations about the future of food.

The Solution

Building an open-to-all virtual environment.

In answer to the challenges presented, we developed the LDC Galleries, a built-to-scale virtual environment that would allow employees and the wider public to interact with key content related to LDC’s past and present. The exhibits – At the table with LDC, The Cabinet of Curiosities, and A team around the clock – allow users to discover LDC’s products, its history through objects, and view contributions from employees around the world.

The LDC Galleries will continue to grow each year, with new exhibitions and features that reflect LDC’s journey in the ever-changing world of agribusiness.

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Behind the scenes

Taking LDC Galleries from an idea to a full, interactive, digital space demanded expertise from across all our departments.