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Creating a seamless user journey that improved lead gen.

Realising the potential of digital assets.

Imagen provides a smart, intuitive media content management solution that helps companies organise their video content with ease. 

Their cloud-based video asset management platform was initially aimed at sports organisations and media companies, however Imagen wanted to expand its offering to fulfil the needs of corporate enterprises and creative agencies.

Imagen approached ifour for a new website. Their old site was ‘clogging the funnel’ when it came to lead generation. It didn’t reflect their positioning and wasn’t supporting their offer, missing an opportunity to reflect the expected user experience of the platform with a seamless user journey on the website.


– Website development

– Website strategy

– Graphic design

– Web copy

Post-launch website statistics


Av. Session Duration increased YoY


Page views increased YoY


Bounce rate down YoY

The challenge

Content management that’s more than a one-size-fits-all approach.

Imagen offers a media content management platform that is intuitive and highly customisable, providing users with a fast, secure, controllable way to manage video and media content. The previous website lacked clarity and a defined user journey, with missing CTAs and too much copy. The design felt dated and didn’t align with the user experience of the platform itself.

As Imagen broadened its offer to different sectors, the need for effective and engaging tailored customer journeys became more critical; we needed to ensure that Imagen’s target customers were able to quickly identify the features that most suited their needs and could easily access the relevant information on the right solution immediately.

Our Approach

Exploring all the options.

Our aim was to create a web experience that would quickly showcase key benefits of Imagen and provide use cases that resonated with prospective clients.

User journeys were created to situate website visitors quickly, clarifying key messages and ensuring engagement that prolonged dwell time. The focus had to be on delivering a cohesive experience and user journeys that instantly communicated Imagen’s position as a leading media content management platform.

the Solution

A seamless, informative experience

We created a seamless, informative experience for current and prospective customers navigating the site.

The website leads with the top-line benefits and makes the most of animated banners and video case studies to reinforce key messages and highlight the different features the solution offers. This enabled us to create a user journeys that direct prospective customers towards the aspects of the product that meet their specific requirements.

The Imagen website now communicates the offer clearly, reinforcing the positioning of the business with proof points from existing customers that highlight how Imagen solutions have helped solve customer challenges. Overall the updated site delivered a 32% increase in conversions YoY, boosting lead gen prospects and strengthening the Imagen brand.